Saturday, February 14, 2015


So this is my first hardcore character figure sculpt in several years.  I really wanted to sculpt when the figure sculpting\ecorche class was still fresh on my mind.  So this is a character from the most recent draft of my story.  She's the sniper and pilot for the ship that our main characters sail on during the book, although previously she was a pirate working for various and sundry unsavory crews.

This is also the first test run of some second-hand LED lights I purchased as a christmas gift for myself :)

So I was definitely going for a Steam Punk look here.  I'm generally pleased with the figure, although looking at it now I'm still upset by a few mistakes I clearly made.  But I still think I'm making progress, I just wish I had more time in general to sculpt and develop as an artist.


sgraham said...

Jon, is the mouth animatable? How is it open in some shots and not others?

Jonathan Hoffman said...

I sculpted multiple heads that I can swap out on the sculpture.

sgraham said...

That is so cool. I love your work.