Sunday, September 20, 2009

Zak - finished

So, despite this guy turning out alright, I'm still very very frustrated that he doesn't match the original design very well. If you go to my painting blog, you'll see the original design - which to me is much more appealing than the final sculpture. The legs ended up way too stumpy, and the head just too big and not shaped quite right. The sculpture is cute, but it just could have been better had I followed the design better. This is a frustration I've had time and time again - almost with every single sculpture. Guess I'm doing something wrong.


Sam Nielson said...

Still, fairly appealing, especially because he is standing on a cookie.

Anonymous said...

Well despite your disappointment I think he looks great although I do understand when you have something in mind and it doesn't turn out the way you thought it would. I found my two favorite things even though it was hard because he has a lot of great qualities! I love his eye. I've never seen (or at least don't recognize) that technique in your sculptures and I really like it a lot! I also love the designs that are made in his spikes with the different tones of the brown colors. It looks like it was thought out really well when you were making those spikes (and knowing you I'm sure is was!); they turned out beautiful!

Jessica Sumption said...

This one is my favorite!