Sunday, April 6, 2008


This is a character\creature that was genetically engineered as a janitor. His concept painting is on my painting blog (


Kathy said...

aw gee, i feel so sorry for the little guy - genetically engineered to spend his life cleaning up the messes made by others... does he ever get a break?

Shaun M Graham said...

That's pretty gross man. Great work though!

Billo said...

Wow this site is truly inspirational!! Fantastic work.
I'm a beginner to maquettes and I was wondering what kind of clay you use? I have only used sculpy so far and it works ok. Anyway I really enjoyed seeing your work!
take care and keep on trucking!
-Bill O'Brien

Jonathan Hoffman said...

I use a brand of sculpey called 'premo' and 'prosculpt' for doing human skin\flesh. It's all colored clay, so no paint on these peices

Scarlet Verdeja said...

nice work again!