Saturday, January 5, 2008


This character is the antagonist from my story: Mirel Terasireon. My brother commissioned me to make this sculpture for my sister in law Angie - It's a remake of an original that sold from the BYU bookstore in 07. My brother Jim was the mastermind behind the LEDs for the blade, (they even pulse when you switch them on) which is really a nice touch for this piece. I also strayed away from my 'clay only' rule, and used some auto-body chrome spray for the blade and the base. Who doesn't like shiny stuff?


Murphy said...

Wow! John I had no idea you are this good! I'm blown away by everything on here! Kudos!

Angela said...

Thank you, Jon! She's fantastic! What an incredible Christmas present from you both! :)

Shaun M Graham said...

This one is totally my fav. I love the subsurface scattering. Incredible work.